Classes started yesterday, and I showed up anyway

The one class I’m taking this semester (Research Methods) doesn’t start until Monday night, but I showed up at SJSU yesterday, anyway, to take care of some paperwork, turn in a draft of my thesis proposal, and hang out with/badger/heckle the staff of the Spartan Daily, our student newspaper.

The print edition of the Daily has been redesigned, as it often is at the beginning of a new semester, and I’m going to keep my thoughts on it to myself until a few weeks go by and things get shaken into place.

The Daily’s Web site is still pretty much in the shape I left it in after the last redesign I did, but there’s a complete reworking of it going on behind the scenes. It’s really refreshing to not be working on it myself, but to have it in the hands of an actual coder who knows how to move the pieces around. I might have gotten the biggest compliment (okay, the only compliment) ever on my coding skills when Neal told me the hooks and divs I had added to the layout so that I could jam my own css onto it actually helped him figure out what was going on and what classes to work with.

Is that proof that I know what I’m doing? Thankfully, no, but it did give me a shove to get back to learning some more basic xhtml/css stuff I’ve been putting off. I’m still working on my own redesign of this here blog you’re reading… no launch date for that yet. At all. Whatsoever.

So watch the Daily for a new look, subscribe to its RSS feed for the latest headlines, and go to class. Yeah, you, go to class. Now.