Listen to Bob

A week ago I mentioned the talk that Bob Cauthorn gave last month in Berkeley.

You can watch a webcast of that talk here, but I just finished listening to a talk he gave in 2005.
Oh my.

Bob knows what he’s talking about. Let’s just say: Bob answers, in this talk, all the questions you have about where your newspaper should be going, how it got in such bad shape in the first place, how online and help or hurt circulation, and what you can do about all of this.

Here’s a link to the audio of the 2005 talk.

If you’re a J-School student, teacher, wanna-be, or hanger-on, you need to listen to this. This isn’t just another “Why Newspapers are Dead” talk. This is dead honest information from a guy who has been in the newsroom, developed the website, sat in the boardroom, and talked to the circulation department. It’s all here. Seriously. Download the audio, listen to it on your computer or put it on your mp3 player or burn it on a CD, whatever you want, but listen to Bob.