Online college newspapers hooked up to social bookmarking sites

Forgive me if some of this is a little inside baseball, but I think this is pretty smart:

The company that hosts the online edition of the Spartan Daily , along with 100+ other college newspapers, has added links to the bottom of each story to make it easier to post our articles to Digg, Delicious, and Newsvine.

Also included in the new little “article tools” bar is a button to “Blog This” via your Blogger site, and links to add our RSS Feed (the default one of course, instead of our feedburner feed – grr) to My Yahoo and Google.


Check out an example on Kevin Yuen’s brave return to the Daily as an online-only columnist. Scroll down or just click on “article tools” near the top of the page.

Good job, College Publisher dudes. This is one case where you’re actually ahead of the curve (as in, I hadn’t even asked for this yet).

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