First day of classes, First day of publication

Wow. Okay, so it’s the first day of class at SJSU. Am I prepared? Sure. Why not. I’ve been working on the redesign of the Spartan Daily site for a couple weeks now. It’s pretty much done, although there is still plenty of finishing and tweaking left to be done. (What’s an IE hack and where can I pick one up? Fry’s? Home Depot?)

And of course, this semester, I’m not just the webmaster, I’m also a client a Staff Writer.

One story down, 32 to go for full credit.

I’m also taking one of the core graduate courses that I need for my Master’s Degree. It’s a Mass Communications Theory class, and all indications are that it will provide me with more reading material than I can fit in my stomach, nevermind my brain.

My third class is Editing and News Design. (Is that what it’s called? I usually just make up my own name for these things anyway.) First on the agenda? Memorizing the AP Style Book. Maybe if I put it under my pillow…

The new RSS feed for the Spartan Daily is here. And Scoble, my apologies that it’s not full text, but with our new hosting provider I don’t actually have control of the content in the feed. I’m not sure the original feed even validates – it’s RSS 0.91 I think, but the Feedburner feed should be able to wrap enclosures around multimedia files when the time comes. We’ve got plenty of room for applications to run outside of the newspaper’s site, so expect to see some multimedia presentations getting linked to from the Daily.

The Sandbox new media site (not connected to the Daily), is down while we work out a technical problem that caused a bureaucratic problem that brought up a philosophical problem. It’s not that I’m actively trying to cause trouble, but hey, let’s just call it being disruptive, okay?

Oh, and my favorite thing about the first day of class this semester? I’m writing this from the VTA light rail, so no parking-space-related stress for me today…or tomorrow…or the next day, etc.

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