Selective NY Times only wants your feedback if you pay up

Pay your Times Select dues, or you don’t get to e-mail columnists hidden behind the pay wall.

Editor & Publisher has the details.

So not only has the NYT pulled its Friedmans, Krugmans, and Dowds out of the conversation by forcing us to pay to read them (unless we have access to Lexis-Nexis at school, eh), but now they’ve decided that we don’t even get to drop them a line unless our check has cleared.

Remind me, again, what is the mission of newspapers? To hide their content where only those with money to burn can access it? To hide their columnists where only those with extra cash can communicate with them?

Sorry, NYT, but you continue to provide ammunition to those who say you are a bunch of elitists.

Thanks for nothing. See you when you come out of hiding.

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