I am Jack’s convoluted stylesheet

If the posting is light, it’s because I am hacking away at YARSDW (Yet Another Redesigned Spartan Daily Website).

Our old cms/server/hosting company, New Digital Group, merged with College Publisher, and we’re in the process of switching content management systems. The analogy I keep using for this is to say “Just imagine that the Gannett of college newspaper websites just merged with the Knight Ridder of college newspaper websites.”

Thus, the redesign in progress.

As usual, I get to learn more and more about html and css, which is both entertaining and useful, although you can toss frustrating in there periodically. It sticks.

So — check out the existing Spartan Daily site at http://www.thespartandaily.com and let me know what you would fix/change/alter/love/hate.

I should have a beta version of the new design ready within the next few days.

The suggestion box is open…just add your comments here.

p.s. — please, no recommendations about content or “make all the blinking ads go away.” I’m not responsible for the content, and the blinky ads come with the package, sorry.

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