To the finish line, through it, still running

It’s been awhile since I had a last-minute escape before leaving town, but I suddenly remembered this week that it always used to be this way.

spartan daily newsroomThe Spartan Daily newsroom at the end of the Fall 2005 semester.

I remember winters in New York when I trudged out in the snow to turn in term papers, then raced back home to catch my ride to the airport; now I’m sitting in Miami after a travel day yesterday, and it’s a familiar feeling.

Between two grad classes, an undergrad journalism class, and the bits of web design work I’ve been doing for an independent study, the end-of-semester crunch nearly beat me.

Thanks to everyone who has offered kind words, advice, and linkage over the last few weeks. I’ve been in a bit of a rains/pours situation here, and the random nice things people say have kept me going.

What’s on tap for next semester? More changes to the online edition of the Spartan Daily (full disclosure: I’ll also be writing for the paper, so expect to see plenty of clips here).

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