Getting It and Not Getting It

Getting it: “This year for the first time I have come to believe that we will be able to tell you about certain subjects better on the Internet than we will be able to in print.” — Donald Graham, Washington Post chairman, via The Washingtonian.

Not getting it: Clear Channel sells naming rights for a newsroom. In Madison, Wisconsin, WIBA, an AM station, will now have the honor of calling its newsroom the “Amcore Bank News Center.” This isn’t the first of these for Clear Channel, either. Would you trust this station’s reporting about the banking industry? — via the Wisconsin State Journal.

Sort of getting it: The New York Times is podcasting. Unfortunately, podcasts of the columns that sit behind the Times Select paywall are unsurprisingly locked up there, too. But then again, is reading columns aloud really what we want out of newspaper podcasts?

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