Journalist turns Blogger turns J-School Prof

The New York Times (reg. req’d) reports that the City University of New York has hired blogger and New Media guru Jeff Jarvis to head up a New Media program at the new CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Hey Jeff, please be sure to blog the curriculum so we can play along at home.

In what must be a bitter pill of irony for some, the NYT booted the name of Jarvis’ alma mater on the first try (It’s Northwestern) and posted a correction two days later. Interesting way to handle corrections: at the top of the story there’s the words “Correction Appended” in bold, and the text of the story is left uncorrected. The correction is published at the bottom of the story.

Just for fun, try out Google’s new Blogsearch by plugging in the URL of the NY Times story, and you’ll see what other bloggers are writing about Jarvis’ J-School Prof turn.

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