Second Semester of Grad School Starts Next Week

Next week, Fall classes start, and I’ll be trying to wrap my brain around the following:

  • MCOM 270: Communications Law and Policy. This course has the reputation of carving up students into cute little wood blocks covered in entrails. I plan to be challenged.
  • MCOM 250: International Communications. Given the variety of ethnicities and cultures represented in the grad program here, I’m truly excited for the conversations in this class.
  • JOUR 134: Online Journalism. I’ll get a chance to do some actual reporting here while toying around with some software and exploring different ideas about what online journalism should be.

So be warned, I’m ramping up my journalism brain and trying to work out some issues that I haven’t written about that much before here. My last two posts hinted at my dissatisfaction with current Citizen Journalism tools and concerns about the international redefinition of objectivity.

I reserve the right to thoroughly edit anything I write about journalism in the coming days and weeks as I work through my own ideas and digest some of the existing writing on the subject.

I’ll try and cross-post lots of the journalism-related stuff on my Bayosphere blog, too. I’m eager to see if the conversation is as vibrant when I’m not slagging Dan G. or discussing the structure of the place.