Dave Winer has released his OPML thingie. It outlines, it blogs, it slices cucumbers, it dices chocolate, and it’s pleasant.

I’m playing with it here.

It’s cool so far, and an awfully fast way to blog. Low on bandwidth-sucking bells and whistles, high on content. No FTP necessary. Little assembly required. Side effects may include blogging less about more, but we’ll see how it goes.

I still want to play with the outliner-type stuff — can I make myself little offline outlines of “Movies to Watch” and such?


3 thoughts on “IMHOPML”

  1. Willi – this blog runs on WordPress, a free, open-source piece of blogging software which is pretty simple, assuming you’ve got some little bit of access to your mySQL server – if you’re paying anyone for server space, you probably have this. The documentation makes the install easy, and there’s hundreds of styles called “themes” to choose from.

    IMHO, the quickest way to get going is to use Google’s Blogger, although I found it difficult to really make it “mine”. There are a bunch of free hosting services for WordPress, including one I used to use called Blogsome. I noticed there’s a new one at which looks good, too.

    Enjoy the conversation.


  2. My Reply To Bayosphere’s Question: Why Haven’t I Posted Anything Here?

    The following is cross-posted here from my off-site blog.
    I signed up for Dan Gillmor’s Bayosphere real quick (apparently I’m user #99), even though I was a lit


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