How To Succeed In Blogness Without Really Trying

Darren Rowse made between $10,000 and $20,000 via Google Adsense advertising on his blogs in the month of May.

So, yeah, some people make money directly from advertising on their blogs.

How droll.

Dave Winer boils down the alternative point of view:

“The opportunities to make money from podcasting are misunderstood, much in the way people misunderstand money and blogging. You can make a lot of money off both activities, but not the same way as you would from radio programming or news writing. My podcast is an ad for me, it explains who I am and what I think. That could make me millions of dollars, or make me nothing.

That’s what I’m talking about: My blog is an ad for me, just like anything else I write or say in a class or in a conversation. When I scan through a month’s worth of my own posts, I want to see myself come through; I want to see my exploration of the idea-rich world.

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