A Manifesto for Emerging Technology in Higher Education

Steve Sloan, SJSU Tech on a Mission, is starting to brew up A Manifesto for Emerging Technology in Higher Education (my phraseology, not his – but please feel free to use those words).

In a post titled On taking back redefining the university, Steve is getting excited about horizontal communication within the University, excited about the ways the Internet is forcing the University to listen to students, and excited about all the opportunities for participation in the process.

Steve – do you think this is the sort of thing that can be refined into a sort of Manifesto? A call to arms to get students, faculty, and staff involved? I think some sort of point-by-point reasoning is necessary to give the naysayers an outline – to give everyone a set of steps, sort of a How-To for getting involved.

#1 = email, #2 = blog, #3 = podcast, #4 = wiki

Plus all the intervening steps — people need a checklist to work from — otherwise they feel sort of lost in the technology and decide “it’s too complicated” or “it’s not my style” or find other FUD-related reasons to ignore the knocking on their office door.

People need to feel like they’re not obligated to “get it” all at once. Give them a road map.

[UPDATE: link to and title of Steve’s post revised. Steve explains via comments that he’s, er, refining how he talks about what *a* university should do, being that he is employed by *this* University. Apparently SJSU has noticed that the guy with the title “Interactive Technology Consultant” actually uses the stuff, and they’re not thrilled. Steve doesn’t want to get dooced, so maybe I’ll start writing a little more about obvious ways I think SJSU can integrate more emerging technology into their systems. As a student, I am remarkably unfireable. No disclaimer necessary.]

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  1. I tamed down my previous “manifesto” post
    Ryan you linked to my prior post and used the “old” URL for it. This is the current URL:
    The new URL is different because I changed the title and Blogger changes URLs when you change titles. The current post is here and the piece is toned down a bit. Why is it toned down? Let’s just say at the moment my blog is “a matter” between the university and I. I am arguing freedom of speech. I don’t think there is much chance of me ending up like Mark Jen. But, let me make clear, what I post represents my opinion, not the University, as a citizen, a taxpayer and an alum my opinion is something I am entitled to share. This is a public institution after all. As a citizen passionate about education, emerging technology and SJSU; I like the manifesto idea. Please note, I am writing this on my lunch hour…


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