End of Semester

My first semester of grad school came to its unofficial end yesterday as I took my final in American Political Thought. Thank goodness the five of spades came up, and not the 3 or the 4! (Final essay question was chosen by the Prof. from five choices by random playing card selection — I think, but I was late due to rain/traffic/wrecks on Hwy. 17, so I’ll never know.)

I still have one more grad class session to show up for, but having turned in my term paper and tossed my short presentation up against the screen, all that’s left is to see the last eight presenters and relax.


Two things I learned in my first semester of graduate school at SJSU:

  • The effect the mass media has on society is not absolute. How we talk to each other about the news and who we talk to about it might matter as much, if not more, than whether we watch CNN or FOX.
  • The battle over how the U.S. should be governed is still going on. Think about that every time Bush mentions he’s reading a book by Alexander Hamilton.

There was more than that, obviously, but those were a couple key points.

Other highlights?

Thanks to the Profs and classmates and others in the department who have kept me interested all semester, who asked me questions about what I was doing here and why, and most of all to my wife for encouraging me to get back into school in the first place.

Summer classes start for me June 7th.