Don’t even TALK about P2P in Spain

Jorge CortellJorge Cortell was going to give a presentation on P2P technology and Creative Commons issues, but the Spanish equivalent of the RIAA apparently had a conversation with the University (Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV) where Jorge teaches (pre-tenure) and Jorge found himself with the venue for his presentation pulled out from under him. He gave the presentation, was forced to resign from the University, and the school has attempted to distance itself from his ideas in order to protect themselves.

He needs some American media exposure – spread this story around to anyone you know involved in emerging technology, intellectual property, and academic freedom. Be sure to link to the Polytechnic University of Valencia in English and Spanish for the best googalicious effects.

Keep an eye on the situation by checking the Technorati search on Cortell.

2 thoughts on “Don’t even TALK about P2P in Spain”

  1. This Jorge Cortell guy has lost all creditability in Spain after spanish bloggers found out that his entire CV is fake. He doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree.

    Use Babelfish to translate the spanish websites.

    Here is a collection of websites on him since May 2005, basically everything since May 22 have been saying that he is a fraud.

    The spanish edition of wikipedia is preparing to kill Cortell’s entry because of his fake CV fiasco.


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