Existence Preceeds Essence: Afghanistan in the Spotlight

Afghanistan, Car burning, May 11, 2005

photo of Afghanistan May 11th protests via AP

From Norbizness: Well, At Least We’re Reminded That Afghanistan Exists.

Uh, no, I don’t remember how I found a blog called “Happy Furry Puppy Story Time With Norbizness,” but who am I to argue with my aggregator.

Norbiz on the Newsweek schlamozzle (and what is the difference between a kerfuffle and a schlamozzle?):

“It’s strange when I feel like I’m explaining the absolutely insane actions of people who would start shooting up a place based on book-desecration, but not extraordinary rendition or torture/deaths. Then again, it’s not like we have any idea what’s really going on in that recently liberated narcocracy with strong fundamentalist undercurrents. What’s even more disturbing, given Newsweek’s retraction, is the epistemology of the reactionary lickspittle blogger:

(1) This is the first time I’ve heard of it…
(2) Therefore, this marks the first time it has been reported…
(3) And if the initial reporter is backtracking on the story…
(4) Then it didn’t happen…
(5) And I get carte blanche to say a bunch of stupid, revisionist shit for the next year.
(6) Like I wouldn’t have anyway.
(7) I had an accountability moment, and it was called getting Time Magazine’s “Blog of the Year.””

Heh. I turn in an 18 page term paper tomorrow for my grad class that was heavy on Powerline, so I appreciate the dig at them.

Anyway, yeah: the right side of the polibloggosphero has been all over Newsweek for their journalistic snafu (Um, they’re not really liberals over there, guys).
Meanwhile, the left side has been snarkily pointing out the irony of the Preznit’s underlings complaining about how Newsweek distorted “facts” and it caused people to “die.”

Never heard of that happening before.

Oh wait – now I see what got my attention: THIS POST.