Blogsome Issues

This blog is hosted, for free, by Blogsome, which appears to be run by a small bunch of folks in Ireland. The google ads on the left sidebar are theirs, and although I can remove them, I don’t bother, since they are letting me user their server space for free. Yes, I know I can use Google’s Blogger/Blogspot for free, but I’ve become attached to WordPress, the software running this blog.

But Blogsome seems to be a tiny little operation with, as noted on the support forum in the apology for the recent downtime, “only 1 person keeping an eye on the system. And the google ads, which can be removed, are just about paying to keep that person in coffee.”

So keep an eye out for a new URL for this blog in a couple weeks, as soon as term papers/finals/episodeIII have all been completed and consumed…

Now back to our regularly scheduled narrowcast.