Edupodding 101

This guy just spoke in my undergrad journalism class. He’s Steve Sloan, and he’s talking about professors using podcasting as a means to deliver lectures. For some reason I have a flashback to Rodney Dangerfield showing up to class and finding a tape recorder on every seat, and eventually, the prof. has left his recording playing as the joke recurs throughout the movie.

I like the idea that podcasting can be free radio – forget all those scenes of local pirate radio subversives getting raided by the feds – podcasting might not be as inexpensive as a radio (yet), but there it is – a means to get your information/news/propaganda/advertising/ego-trip/music anything you want out online, with your voice and tunes and ideas intact.

For now, when I miss a class, I’ll just copy someone’s notes.

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  1. […] I’ve just used the “Import” function in WordPress 2.0 to add to this blog the first few posts I wrote over on a Blogger blog back in February of last year. Apparently, my first post (not counting a cryptic one-line introduction from December of 2003 that sat idle for 13 months or so) was about Steve Sloan’s visit to an Internet Information Gathering class I was in. About nine days after that, I got Scobleized. […]


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