Minor redesign of this here blog

I’ve been whittling away at this at random hours in between 642 other small projects, so feel free to click through and have a look at my handiwork.

Major goals of this minor redesign included:

  • Play with the header graphic. (Done.)
  • Fix the FriendFeed stream and make it useful. (Done.)
  • Clean things up, remove some widget bloat, figure out a better way to present that sort of thing. (Sort of done.)
  • Do all this in Django for fun and sport. (Not even close. Still WordPress, which I still enjoy, and built on the Sandbox theme as it has been for years now.)

There’s also a bit of BIGness to everything, much of which I advise you to blame on Wilson Miner, though I haven’t a fraction of his skill at this sort of thing.

I’m sure I’ll continue to fiddle with the sidebar and bottom bits for days to come, so don’t grow accustomed to any of this if you’re some sort of person who often reads this thing in a manner that doesn’t involve your RSS reader or phone.  No idea who you people are.

Upgrade in progress; mind the gap

I’m in the middle of an upgrade to WordPress 2.3, but I’m getting pulled away to other duties before I finish straightening out importing old UTW tags to the new 2.3 built-in tagging hotness.

So a few things, like tags, are broken at the moment. I’ll update later (tonight?) when I fix them.

But, hey, wouldn’t you be having more fun if you were looking at Wooster Collective, Monoscope, or Your Daily Awesome?

Yeah, I thought so.

UPDATE: Heck, that was easy. The right button is at Manage/Import, where you can import tags from several different plugins (including the all-powerful UTW) as well as the usual RSS/old blog importers. Thanks WP posse!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Progress – I’ve switched out the tag calls in single.php, index.php, and sidebar.php, leaving me with some questions about tag.php, UTW related posts, and whether or not I’ll be able to just turn UTW off. We shall see.

AND THERE’S MORE: So I’ve got UTW turned off now. I found the correct call to run the tag.php page in the files for Sandbox 1.0. And of course, now I have plans to upgrade my theme to that version, but because I can’t leave well enough alone, it will take some time and effort to work in all my little modifications. Yet another redesign is tempting… Anyway, I might still be getting a database error (post2cat, eh?) when I save this post again. I’ll find out right now. Ah! No database errors, which means the problem was in UTW and not in old Sandbox code. Good. Now I’m off to find a new Related Posts plugin. Suggestions?  Nevermind. That was remarkably easy.