Adventures in Paywalls: The ‘Longshot’ Magazine Nagwall

Adventures in Paywalls: The ‘Longshot’ Magazine Nagwall: The Awl’s take on the Longshot “nagwall,” which is sort of a combination of a “sharewall” and “nudgeware” and… Well, call it what you want, but I haven’t seen it yet, after skimming 4 or 5 stories, which is nice. In other news, Longshot is excellent, and you […]

Rupert Murdoch, The Master Mogul of Fleet Street—Vanity Fair’s Latest E-Book

Rupert Murdoch, The Master Mogul of Fleet Street—Vanity Fair’s Latest E-Book: A wise approach to turning your archives into a revenue source beyond what SEO and topic pages bring. Package your best stories about a given topic as an e-book, a Kindle Single, a PDF download, with a short design cycle and potentially, a big […]

The economics of letting your audience blog somewhere else

Spotted isolated bits of chatter over the weekend about this piece from Nate Silver, who used the available public data from Quantcast and elsewhere to make some assessments of the Huffington Post’s business model when it comes to unpaid contributors and their blogs. Here’s Nate’s thesis: “Although The Huffington Post does not pay those who […]

What I would fund: An imaginary challenge for news business models

Last night, I was browsing this year’s public Knight News Challenge entries ahead of the midnight deadline to enter, and I caught myself thinking about what the project doesn’t fund when it comes to supporting journalism. And the answer appears to be business models. My friends at the Foundation might dispute this, or maybe not, […]

Clay Shirky on micropayments for online news

I am very specifically not enjoying the current wave of handwringing over whether or not some version of micropayments, online subscription, or paywalls could work for typical U.S. news organizations. But here’s Clay Shirky: “The essential thing to understand about small payments is that users don’t like being nickel-and-dimed. We have the phrase ‘nickel-and-dimed’ because […]

Carnival of Journalism: Are we asking the right questions about online revenue models?

As is my habit, I’m running behind on my Carnival of Journalism post this month, set to the timely and tuneful whistles and bangs of talk about whether a newspaper’s online revenue could support the newsroom, how long the newspaper of record will keep the press running, and what a major metro in a failed […]

Community-funded news launches at Spot.Us

Fellow Knight News Challenge 2008 winner David Cohn took the wraps off the latest iteration of Spot.Us over the last few days, launching an engine for community-funded reporting from donation to publication. Here’s the explanatory video: Spot.Us – Community Funded Reporting Intro from Digidave on Vimeo. I love the idea that Spot.Us could do at […]

Newspapers: Vanishing faster than you think

Philip Meyer, author of The Vanishing Newspaper, in AJR: “The town crier’s audience was limited to the number of people who could be assembled within the range of an unamplified human voice. Printing changed everything. It made the size of the audience theoretically limitless and, by the creation of multiple records, enabled more reliable preservation […]