Might as well, eh?

In no particular order…

  1. Play guitar at least once a week. I picked it up today, and a simple three-chord tune was seriously taxing my fingertips. That just ain’t right. And I haven’t had the ‘I bartend and cut acidic fruit all day’ excuse for more than two years now.
  2. Start stretching again. As simple as getting on the floor and doing it before I sit down at my desk in the morning.
  3. Graduate. I’m moving relatively quickly to put together a project proposal for If you hit that link, by the way, you’ll see a basic landing page with some space to add your feedback to the project. Soon, I’ll figure out how to properly use the Twitter API to pull the feed of replies to @reportingon and display them on that page.

I’ll be realistic and stop at three.

Seven notes, six links

Dooce is (still) one of the best things on the Interweb.

Jay Rosen has the beatblogging with a social network thing worked up pretty clearly at this point, but if the project doesn’t leave behind tools (a WordPress theme, a Drupal module, a useful set of forms — something more tangible than good ideas that other news organizations can use), it’s just twelve more reporters with a blog and a bunch of know-it-all commenters. [UPDATE: Wow, that sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? I’ll write something more practical about it later and add a link here.]

The tech aggregator thing is cute, but first of all, isn’t this space a little crowded? And second of all, can’t you just use the frigging Blogrunner algorithm to add headlines to your stories from blogs that link to them? It was doing that when you bought it.

Why did my house get two calls in one day from circulation salesfolk from the Mercury News? Could it be because there was an earthquake on their front page for the last two days and someone thought it was a good time to blitz Santa Cruz? Or because the local paper moves out of downtown this weekend? Or do they just hate children and want to wake up sleeping babies every chance they get?

I have worked in a newsroom where the circulation employees (not their fault – I blame the software) would call newsroom employees — at their desks in the same building — trying to sell them a subscription.

Scott Adams is a wonderful, wonderful man.

To Rex for the clue about Hype Machine when he blogged (or twittered?) its redesign launch. If all I got from it was the song stuck in my head right now, that would have been enough.

Today’s Blog Music / The Hype Machine – discover, listen and buy music discussed on the best mp3 blogs

This is the music blog aggregator I’ve been looking for, because I’m too damn lazy to find people who blog about music I like, and I’m simply out of touch with anyone other than my two or three favorite bands. via Rex.

Today’s Blog Music / The Hype Machine – discover, listen and buy music discussed on the best mp3 blogs