I spent last week in the midsection of the country

Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia, MO
(Flickr photo originally uploaded by David!!!!!!)

Here are the highlights, in no particular order, from my trip to Missouri and Kansas:

  • Talking shop with Will Sullivan and Kurt Greenbaum from STLToday.com.
  • Getting much better at making my presentation on the mysterious world of Web-first publishing.
  • Watching reporters get excited about pothole maps and point & shoot video.
  • Pizza and pitchers with Clyde Bentley, Isabelle, and Beth at Shakespeare’s in Columbia, MO.
  • Looking over a publisher’s shoulder as he signed up for YouTube and posted a video he had edited while I talked with his news staff.
  • Finding the best local lunch spots by looking for crowded parking lots.
  • Driving through Kansas City, MO at sunset after three days in the middle of Missouri.