In Palo Alto, San Francisco today

I’m working my way up the 280 to the San Francisco financial district today. Is there something cool I should do? Someone I should meet? A conference I should crash?

Let me know…

[UPDATE: Or not… looks like I’ll hit SF tomorrow…]

For the record, as I update this a little later in the day, all the free wifi in the world on University Ave in Palo Alto doesn’t mean squat when the parking is 2 hours max. I moved from the “coral” zone (yeah, it’s the red zone, guys) to the “lime” zone (green…), so I’ve got another 3 hours of free parking before I have to figure out where to go next for free access. I’m working out of the public library now.

Later that day… I switched libraries. I’m at the main branch in Palo Alto now.

Seen at the downtown branch:

  • An older woman and a younger woman speaking French. Not sure if someone was teaching and someone was learning, but they seemed pleasant enough.
  • Nobody but me using the free wireless network.
  • A teenage boy logging on to MySpace on one of the library terminals.

Seen here, 1.7 miles away (thank you Google Maps)

  • Lots of people with laptops out. Some look like library rentals.
  • Children of all ages.
  • Ample free parking.

The library of my youth, below, is apparently closed due to damage from last hurricane season.