The new Las Vegas Sun is really, really good.

Las Vegas Sun. Whoa.

I liked it a few days ago when I looked at the homepage and an article page or two, but I keep going back and it keeps growing on me.

Read Rob Curley’s rather informative take here, including the ridiculously constraining bits about the crazy JOA that makes the print edition of the Sun more or less an ad-free supplement inserted into the Review-Journal.

Seriously, it’s nuts.

If you’re interested in the changes-every-day centerpiece on the home page, read Khoi Vinh’s post about trying to hire someone to do a similar sort of work at

Or just apply for the job.

More wild pieces from the Las Vegas Sun:

If you run a major metro online operation and you’re not paying attention to what this talented crew of all-stars put together in Las Vegas, you’re in the wrong business.

This is a destination site, forced to differentiate from its print product by a weird JOA, building a newspaper site out of nothing that we would traditionally think of as the core content of a print newspaper.

Obviously, I’m impressed.

It’s clearly not their first rodeo.