Who Needs Ink? A panel discussion on the Future of Newspapers

Commonwealth Club event at San Jose City Hall: Who Needs Ink? Who’s here? Ex-Mercury News tech writer Dan Gillmor, currently of various citizen journalism initiatives Jerry Ceppos, ex-Knight Ridder news executive (and Merc alum) Peter Appert, a Goldman Sachs analyst Joan Walsh, Salon‘s editor-in-chief Jim Bettinger, communications prof from Stanford (and Merc alum) is moderating […]

Silicon Valley gazillionaires all pass on the Merc

Thanks, but no thanks, say New Media moguls and other companies and individuals with money to burn. The LA Times says no Silicon Valley moneymakers are stepping up to buy the San Jose Mercury News … then again, the LAT article doesn’t say much, but there are more links and commentary on the Knight Ridder […]

The Mercury News, Silicon Valley, and the Future of Newspapers

It’s getting fun. Seriously, these could be the best of times for the future of newspapers, with twelve orphans out there right now just waiting to be transformed into… well, to be transformed into whatever’s coming next in mass media. Dan Gillmor floated the idea that Yahoo could swoop in from Sunnyvale and buy the […]

Knight Ridder sold

The New York Times and others are reporting that Knight Ridder has sold to McClatchy. Just a note from my Internet-focused brain:  Every article I read that says something like “with the future of print newspapers in question” or “with declining print circulation” grossly overlooks the fact that Knight Ridder Digital, the online section of […]

Spicy Breakfast Links

I can’t promise this will be a new feature or anything, after all, I can only handle so much spice in my granola, but here’s a couple…wait for it…hot links. The Wall Street Journal is all over the rumored/upcoming/already-happened/to-be-announced-at-9am-pacific-time/only-a-rumor sale of Knight Ridder. Its report offers some new information: there’s a massive bonus coming to […]