Street by street, block by block

Back in the early days of grad school, when questions about the future of online advertising came up, I was bullish about the future of location-based mobile advertising that would by contextually relevant to the content you were viewing and the place you were sitting. I was wrong about a big piece of how this […]

Repackaging the unbundled

Scott Karp (yes, he’s my boss over at the office) is more fascinated than I am about Google’s new FastFlip, but he’s wisely focusing on the fact that it’s an experiment with a new user experience for online news, and not implying that it’s something poised to Save Journalism. Scott’s latest post on the topic […]

5 important things that happened in the last 10 days

In no particular order, with little commentary, and limited accuracy on that whole “10 days” concept: Google Friend Connect: Just the tip of the iceberg. YouTube Citizen News: Aggregate, aggregate, aggregate. Disqus + Seesmic Video Comments: Say it, don’t spray it? MySpace and Facebook data availability: Bring your profile to the party. 3G iPhone coming […]