Technology is easy; labor is hard

Aron Pilhofer of on the hardware, software, and costs associated with building the best interactive data projects in the news business: Everything we use is free and open-source. Our platform is Ruby on Rails backed by Mysql databases running on Ubuntu servers. The cost here isn’t software, or even hardware, which is relatively cheap […]

Five ways to produce online news without asking the web guy for help

You don’t know what it’s like for the web guy at a newspaper. All day long, requests and ideas funnel in his direction, with no end in sight, and little help. Web guys, this is for you. Reporters, listen up. Here are five ways you can put together something wonderful for the web without asking […]

The next step after multimedia and interactivity? Just add data.

When I find myself face to screen with an online news site that is still in the Nightly Shovelware Posting stage, I think of two things: How can I add multimedia to this, and how can I add interactivity to this. I think a lot of us go the same route, especially those with more […]

Digg the New York Times

A few familiar social bookmarking icons can now be spotted on stories at Just look for the Share heading in the Article Tools box. Click on it, and Digg, Facebook, and Newsvine buttons drop down, along with an all-important Permalink option that issues a linkrot-proof way to blog about the story in question, no […]