Bought out? Laid off? TypePad has your bailout.

The TypePad Journalist Bailout Program:

Recently bought out, laid off, or otherwise relieved of your daily newspapering duties?  SixApart’s TypePad blog service is offering a free account that usualy costs money, advertising services, and promotion at

“Your blog can act as a clip file for your best pieces, whether you’re looking for freelance work or a new full-time gig. You can link to your best past stories and even add back in those two or three grafs that your editor cut. Best of all, the first result for a Google search on your name will be an active, engaging blog, instead of a neglected LinkedIn page or a placeholder ‘coming soon’ site or your old articles from a publisher that doesn’t even pay you anymore.”

While I generally recommend for all your *free* blogging needs, this sounds a like a pretty good bailout plan if you’re looking for somewhere to publish and don’t know where to start.  Check it out if that’s you.

via @allaboutgeorge