Sometimes, robots just aren’t enough

TechMeme adds a human editor to make adjustments when the algorithm fails: “Any competent developer who tries to automate the selection of news headlines will inevitably discover that this approach always comes up a bit short. Automation does indeed bring a lot to the table — humans can’t possibly discover and organize news as fast […]


Steve Yelvington, on the consequences of removing copy editors from the newspaper equation: “The dirty little secret of newspaper journalists is that a lot of them can’t write very well. That’s by no means universally true, but it’s true enough.” … Zac Echola, on his vision of a distributed and loosely joined newsroom: “The Internet […]

Don’t even try to get that story on A1

Pullquote from a bit of morning reading at the Knight Digital Media Center’s News Leadership 3.0 blog: “I once consulted at a well-respected metro newspaper where several writers told me they tried to avoid pitching their stories for the front page because the ‘serial editing’ of these stories was such a hassle for them and […]