Stay sane

Well, for a laid-back holiday weekend, that sure was a lot of hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing over the future of newspapers, eh?

Now that it’s Monday and we’re all back to, y’know, working to save newspapers (or just put them out every day), here’s how I’ve been staying sane lately:

  • Indexed: Most weekdays, a comical graph/chart on an index card. (See above.)
  • You Look Nice Today: A weekly podcast featuring three funny guys who you might know from Twitter, and or the Interweb in general.
  • xkcd: Stick figure comic that’s more reflective of cubicle life than Dilbert, most days.
  • Burn After Reading: The trailer for the next Coen Brothers movie.  A comedy, thank goodness.

So what’s keeping you sane?