im in ur filez, redezning ur websitez

I’m starting to peel back the layers of plugins and turn on some new stuff, so don’t be alarmed, dear readers (both of you), if things break around here for parts of tonight and tomorrow.

So, why not go look at some cute cats instead of reading the usual hand-wringing, eh?

(Five minutes later…)

…Well that wasn’t that hard. Upgraded to WordPress 2.1. Now I need to tweak a couple file paths in the css, tweak the settings on a couple plugins, and we’ll be golden.

(Ten minutes later…)

…Fixed some css stuff. Still need to clean up what’s going on down below the fold in the last few bits. And I do appear to be missing quite a few buttons on the wysiwig editor… I blame a certain video plugin. Seems fine now, actually. Not sure what was breaking there.

More work on this in the morning. If it’s the morning where you are and things still look broken, cut me some slack, aight?

(The next morning…)

…ah, the birds chirp, bees buzz, I get called into work early, and this site looks pretty funky in IE6. I’ll see what I can do about that, um, later. For now, feel free to use a better browser. It looks right in IE7 and Firefox for everything, last I checked. Safari fixes to comment form coming, um, “later” too.

(Plugin issues…)

My Google Sitemaps plugin just threw some serious errors when I posted that last update. I deactivated it.

(Later still…)

And then there’s the search results page, which I completely forgot. I’ll get to it “soon.” It’ll end up looking like the category and tag pages. Done.

Hmm. It looks like I left the trackbacks that show up directly below the comments on a post unstyled. (That was easy enough to fix.) I’ll probably just look into rolling those right into the comments instead of showing up under a separate heading.

(Comment form fixed?)

I touched up the comment form, and it’s working in IE6, FWIW. BTW, here’s a good place to get a standalone copy of IE6 to run if you’ve already installed IE7 (good for you!), but you need to find out what all this stuff you’ve been developing looks like in an outdated browser.

So is it working in Safari?

(Playing nice with IE6)

Fine, Microsoft, I’ll be sure to set both the top and left attributes when I’m positioning things absolutely from now on, just to make sure you understand what I meant when I said absolute.

The ‘meta’ post info on the left near the title should be getting better in IE6. Still some wonkiness in the colors of a couple things. Is ‘display: block’ a problem or a solution? We’ll see. Probably just needs colors set on more attributes because it gets all confused in the cascade.

Good night.

(More fun with the comment form)

Okay, I’ve absolutely positioned the crap out of that comment form, so I’m really hoping it’s working in Safari now.  Is it?  I’ll find out in the morning.  The margins around the submit button are pretty screwy in IE6/7.

New little camera is impressive

New camera = Canon Powershot A530. It’s a humble little point & shoot, but it kicks the crap out of our old one.

Then = slow shutter, barely in focus shots, low resolution, nothing sharp, lots of time in between frames.

newcamera0607 006

…that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Canon A530. Under $200. Google it, shop around, and then remember that NewEgg exists, and buy it there. It’s the second or third time we’ve made a smooth purchase at NewEgg – quick shipping, low price, high quality. We even returned something there once, just because we decided that trying to install an upgrade of Windows XP on a brand new hard drive was, um, apparently not possible. NewEgg was cool, walked us through the process, gave us the dough back, no worries.

To be fair, some of the fast-advancing and transferring goodness is thanks to the speedy Sandisk Ultra II 1.0GB SD card we picked up.

Whatever’s doing it, I’m enjoying it. And it’s only been, like an hour.

I’ll play with it for a few days, and maybe I’ll decide I don’t need to lug my SLR across Italy.

Our summer houseguest

You’ll have to forgive the catblogging, but I have to give some attention to our very orange houseguest, Little Guy.

Rather orange cat

Our full-time cat, Lucinda, is letting him live.  There’s been no physical contact yet, only hissing, growling, and mental gamesmanship.