Grad school update: I think I’m done

For those of you keeping score, I started blogging, more or less, when I started graduate school at San Jose State University back in early 2005.

As of Monday, April 6, 2009, I’m finished with my M.S. in Mass Communications at SJSU’s School of Journalism & Mass Communications, after turning in my project report and presenting my findings to the department and my peers in the program.

ReportingOn, my Knight News Challenge project, did double duty as my Master’s project, and the scope I presented in my report covers the first iteration of ReportingOn, through Feb. 1, 2009 or so, when the development of the next version began.

When I have some time (ha!), I’ll put a screencast equivalent of Monday night’s presentation up here, although it will be harder to get across all the good and important questions that the faculty and students asked.

Congratulations to all my friends and peers at SJSU who presented their research on Monday, and of course, to all my friends from MCOM 210, 250, 270, 290, and 295 — you know who you are.

Meanwhile, development of the next phase of ReportingOn continues.  I’ll have more news about it soon.

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11 replies on “Grad school update: I think I’m done”

  1. Thanks to everyone for the kind words here, on Twitter, and elsewhere.

    Totally psyched to focus my side-project energy on the next stage of ReportingOn right now, with the paperwork and schoolwork out of the way for the moment, it’s going to be a ton of fun.

  2. I’m biased, I know, but I have to say … yours was definitely the most compelling presentation of the evening.

    Congrats on making it official and finishing that degree!

  3. Does this mean you’ve graduated from blogging?

    It’ll be all FriendFeed from here on out baby!

    On a serious note: CONGRATS!!!!

  4. As the kids nowadays say: w00t!

    As the SJSU kids would say: Hella w00t!

    Congrats, and it was great talking to you when you were out here!

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