Spartans, you rock my world

I spotted a tweet today from Steve Sloan that reminded me there was some sort of awesome road trip going on, wherein San Jose State student journalists are on their way to the inauguration by way of the South, reporting on landmark events in the civil rights movement.

Their reports are being run on CNN — I spotted them on the office screen this afternoon.

Diana Diroy (who seems to be taking a break from making soulful images and words in the Far East) has a behind the scenes piece of the students in action up on her blog.  She says:

“Its been a crazy, busy, emotional trip…. Students are blogging, photographing, and producing video/multi-media packages for CNN, KTVU, etc…”

Check it out.

Daniel Sato, another Spartan, has details up about the trip, a link to the blog, and notes on where you can donate to help with the students’ expenses.

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