I covet your WordPress 2.1

So WordPress 2.1 is out, and it comes with some great new features, but if you’re like me, and you run a few outdated plugins and have hacked up your templates based more on instinct than actual coding knowledge, things might not go quite as planned.

I’m not paranoid, I’m just not going to continue hacking this template in order to get it in shape to upgrade.

Instead, I’m doing all my plugin and theme compatibility testing on the page where I’m working out a redesign, ever so slowly.

If, of course, you’re not like me, and you’ve kept all your plugins and themes freshly updated with the newest releases and been a good little doobie and not crufted your code into submission — hey, go nuts, upgrade, enjoy the spellcheck, the autosave, and the far-slicker file uploading from the Write page.

I’ll be over here hacking away at my redesign in between six other projects. And work. And that thesis I’m “writing.”

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