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Dear readers — both of you — I’ve got a simple question.

Which web hosting company do you use, and which do you avoid?

I’m working on a design project for a friend/client (!), and this is the first time I’m striking out on my own and paying for server space somewhere with someone else’s money, so I’d like to get this right on the first try.

In the running for this simple hunk of space on a LAMP box:

  • MediaTemple (probably overkill)
  • Bluehost
  • Lunarpages
  • 1 and 1
  • iPowerWeb

What do you think? Who do you use? Who stinks?

Let me know. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Web hosting help”

  1. I’ve used 1and1 for two+ years and I dig it. When I signed up 1and1 was amazingly cheap (I still think it is but haven’t shopped around recently) without having to sign a 3248934897238972348973 year contract like you do with some other very popular providers ::cough GoDaddy:: to get the advertised price. And I haven’t heard anything about them holding domains hostage ::cough GoDaddy::.

    I’ve heard good things about MediaTemple too, I suppose it just depends how much bandwidth and bells and whistles they need.


  2. I’ve got some friends that use GoDaddy and CacheFly; they’re pretty happy with it and it’s pretty cheap. Plus, there’s a lot of deals on it, ie. Diggnation. Anyways, happy webspace hunting!


  3. I have one of my sites, as well as some of my clients’ sites, on Bluehost. They’ve been fantastic.
    I also have an account with Jatol. They’ve been pretty good to me. But once I tried Bluehost, I was hooked.
    Bluehost is crazy cheap. It’s as easy as can be to use. Most every open-source CMS and blogging tool you could want is available in turn-key fashion.


  4. Thanks for all the tips. I had been leaning toward lunarpages, but I like what I’m hearing about bluehost.

    Andrew – So here’s the deal (!) – I think CacheFly is more of a podcasting/video sort of speeder-upper thingie, not so much conventional web hosting.

    That’s a technical term, btw – speeder-upper.

    For the record, this site is hosted at Web66, and I’ve had little to no problems, especially since a little server switch awhile back, but I really have no idea what it costs. I think I’m sharing bandwidth with my mom. Seriously.

    Now to fix the comment styling so you can read the comments…


  5. I have used Dreamhost for years and have been happy with them. I’ve recently read some flames against them, but I have not experienced the problems that those folks complain about. I had a outage last spring with one of my six sites — the other five were fine. It did take them most of one day to fix it, but they were very responsive about the whole thing.


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