Or not.

Well that could have worked better.  The problem, apparently a common one among folks like me, is that it can be so intimidating to look at this big dramatic backend and post a title on something and publish it.  Okay, so it’s not that hard, and certainly not that dramatic, but it’s a committment to post something with that big black headline up on top of it.  It gives the writer a feeling that everything they’re writing better be damn important.  Y’know, like a real live headline.

Matt Mullenweg, the dude behind this here blogging software, uses something called “asides” to get around this problem.  I’ve been using my nightly delicious link dump to serve some part of that purpose, but of course, it doesn’t post my little linkages and commentary until midnight.  Not very immediate.

Anyway, it’s probably something I’ll get to in the upcoming (yeah, right) redesign.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled 70 pages of reading on the Diffusion of Innovations.