Google hosts Gmail accounts for SJCC

Yes, you read that right.

After all of, well, a day of speculation that Google was going to be involved in some sort of domain hosting for someone, somewhere, San Jose City College is the first organization that they’ve signed up.

Uh, can we be next? Please? Considering that I’m willing to bet the LARGE majority of students at SJSU* have *no* idea how (or why) to use their email accounts, this is a Good Idea for us.

So. Where do we sign up?

*Lest that come off a bit like I’m looking down my nose at the unwashed masses of undergrads who don’t know how to use a unix command line, let me make it clear that I have had little to no success at using my account.  I’m not really sure if there’s a web-based way to get at it, although I vaguely recall that the URL is not useful, while might be, which seems to be a stroke of genius in its own right.  In fact, I have no idea what I actually *can* do with that unix account other than forget the password.  That, I can do.
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1 thought on “Google hosts Gmail accounts for SJCC”

  1. To the adventuresome undergrades and other interested educators at San Jose City College, my best wishes goes out to you. You are welcome to visit my site and drop me a line from time to time. I do not think I have the room or time in my life to address everyoone of your issues but am impressed and inspired by your bold and what I would call from my own experience “trial and error” approach to gaining wisdom and furthering your attempts to learn and improve yourselves. I’m always trying new things and have learned through art and now through my study of computers that failure and frustration are the cobblestones to learning and improving ones self. Best Wishes, PhilK


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