IE7 beta released to public

Go download it here, Windows users.

RSS is rather nicely supported — I’d like the orange icon to be inside the address bar the way it is on Safari and Firefox though.  Other than that, the RSS stuff is intuitive and logical and easy to understand.  There’s no code in the user’s face — gotta love that.  The built in aggregator is functional, although I’ll have to nose around to see if I can configure it to show me more than one feed at once, eh?

As a special bonus, the Spartan Daily site looks great in IE7 — css hacks appear to be all worked out of the system.  This is very cool if it holds up.  Of course, the css hacks here on my own blog seem to break the layout in IE7.  Great.  It would have been nice if they had at least supported the old hacks.  How are we supposed to support IE7 and 6 and 5 if the hacks for 5 and 6 break the page in 7?  I’m sure someone with far, far, far more knowledge about the topic will come up with a solution.  So make with the hackety-hack, kids, mmkay?


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