Link blogging via Delicious

By the way, regular readers (both of you) might have noticed these posts popping up here the last few days. Rather than write an essay about every interesting thing I see, and rather than include some widget in the sidebar that pulls my Delicious links, I just set up a little linkbloggy thingy that automatically posts, at midnight, whatever I’ve tagged in Delicious for the day.

Here’s how it’s done.

If you just asked “What’s Delicious, I think everything Ryan writes is just sort of Digestible, if that,” then let me explain. Briefly.

First, go here:

Sign up, if you like what you see. Then go here: Drag the “Post to Delicious” button into the appropriate spot in your browser.

Now browse around the Web, and when you see something you want to a) bookmark for later viewing, b) share, and/or c) publicize, just click on the handy “Post to Delicious” button you’ve given yourself.

Post to Delicious

When you Post to Delicious, you’ll be given a handy little box to add your “Notes,” where you can explain yourself to the world – for example, “Hey this Ryan Sholin guy really knows what he’s talking about.”

Then, in that happy little “tags” box, the real magic happens. Tag your little posting with any useful words you think will help people find what they’re looking for, not to mention words that help YOU find what you’re looking for. For example, I use journalism, j-school, media, and wordpress quite a bit.

It gets better. Your tags and everyone elses tags get to meet and greet and drink martinis and party together. Want to subscribe to an RSS feed of everything everyone tags as “journalism”? Just go to Simple, eh?

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