SJSU RSS Feed via Feedshake

Playing with Feedshake, a service that lets you, the user, roll a bunch of RSS feeds up into one package.

The RSS feed I just built out of a bunch of SJSU sources, including Delicious, Technorati, and Flickr feeds among others, is here. Paste that sucker into your aggregator and enjoy.

There’s some bigger ideas brewing behind the scenes here. (Behind the scenes of what, exactly? My fantasy world where everyone understands how great blogs, rss, and podcasting are for creating communities? Especially on campuses?)

The next step would be to create a blog that just aggregates SJSU content, so there’s an URL to read stuff as well as an RSS feed. That starts feeling a little sketchier, so let’s skip it for now.

The real future, of course, is “creating” the mechanics of a “campus commons” type blogging system, let’s call it, and let’s set it up with something like Drupal. Everyone who wants one gets a blog, and there’s both internal and external tagging — let me put it this way: internally, you could tag posts as “marching+band” and they would be duplicated on the “marching band” page. Externally, you could tag a post on your blogspot or typepad or whatever blog with a technorati tag for “sjsu+marching+band” and the “marching band” page inside will bring that in, as well.

Wow, have I said too much?

Check out what’s going on up in Canada at the University of Prince Edward Island… blogging & podcasting by students, all aggregated together to form a community. Organic networks…good stuff.

Just batting around some ideas…if you read this and say “OMG – that was MY idea!” then you should probably contact me or drop a comment here. (This offer does not include Steve, who knows exactly what I’m talking about.) 😉

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