Newsgator beats Bloglines

So I switched to Newsgator, for none of the reasons I was groaning about the other day.

I “marked all read” (not a simple task) and started fresh. Suddenly, it’s fun to read my feeds again.

What’s missing? The ability to send new subscriptions straight to the folder of my choice. I don’t have many other complaints about it yet.

What do I like about it? Lots of white space – makes it easy to read – pleasant fonts, and most of all, no increasingly-stupid-looking plumber.

I reserve the right to switch back, but for now, this is pleasant.

Oh yeah – Rojo? Too many buttons, too confusing, too cluttered, ads on my main feeds page (!?), and it’s hard enough to find that main page I want to see with all my categories on the left and the fresh posts on the right. Plus, the pre-beta Attention concept of sharing my stuff with “Contacts” is set up so that I have to *know* other people using the service. Why not just let everyone see what everyone else is paying Attention to? I thought that was the whole point?

I had 274 feeds in my aggregator before I switched – I’m wondering what the next jump in scale is before I get the urge to switch again. I really want to drag-and-drop stuff around between folders, be able to tag feeds with multiple tags (or have the same feed in two categories – sync’ed, of course), and I want to right click on a feed and see things like Rename, Delete, Move to a New Folder.

If this already exists, feel free to let me know.

This has been one user’s opinion, your mileage may vary.

P.S. – I set my Mom up with Bloglines this morning, just to preserve the balance in the Feedosphery Thingieverse.

[UPDATE: Yeah, so I just gave RSS Bandit a try. It does the draggy, droppy, right-click sort of stuff I want, but man is it ugly. Sorry, Dare, but I don’t think I can stare at that all day. Are there some sort of other skins for it?]

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