White Sands

We left Albuquerque early in the morning in the big old Aerostar, probably sometime in early 2002. Four hours later, give or take a few, we pulled into White Sands National Monument, traversed a bit of the loop road, and found a big sprawl of parking lot and picnic area with lots of…sand…to play in. We were jealous of the people with the kite, and we were jealous of the kids with the trashcan-lid-style sleds to slide down the dunes in, but we walked hand in hand.

A while later, on a barely-marked “trail” through the dunes, imagining how simple it would be to get lost there, we talked and enjoyed the absurd scenery.

There’s lots of pictures from that day, from a couple different cameras. (Was that the day I realized that Lomo #2 was completely non-functional?)

This is one of them.