What’s this new Twitter thing I keep hearing about?

It’s the Friday between Christmas and New Year’s in newsrooms all over the world, and apparently, everyone’s reading Romenesko, clicking through on the link to a post by Howard Owens (full disclosure, y’all: he’s my boss), and jamming on his link tagging me as a Twit-vangelist.

So, here are a few places to start if you want to know what Twitter is all about:

  1. Social media guy Dan York on “The 10 ways I learned to use Twitter in 2007” (found via Zac Echola’s delicious links)
  2. My own Twitter-related posts on this here blog you’re reading now.
  3. My own Delicious bookmarks related to Twitter.
  4. Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang’s “Some conversations have shifted to Twitter”
  5. Search Google Blogsearch for recent posts about Twitter. Today you’ll find a lot of talk about how news of the Bhutto assassination spread on Twitter yesterday. (Hint: Early adopters now check their Twitter streams in the morning before they check your news site.)

The most important thing you can do to learn about Twitter is to sign up now. Come on in and play, the water’s fine. I’ll be your first friend. Even better, sign up, then leave a comment here with a link to your profile. (http://twitter.com/username)