The messy beginnings of an online portfolio

It’s not organized as well as I’d like, and it’s neither finished nor comprehensive, but if you can’t help but be interested in the sort of stories I wrote as a reporter (way back in 2006, mind you), there are now a few clips from the Spartan Daily and Oakland Tribune posted on my Work […]

Remember when I asked you what I should learn next?

A refresher for those of you who weren’t taking notes: An informal poll on what I should learn next (March 10, 2007). Apparently, that was six months ago. Yikes. So after everyone weighed in, multimedia storytellers voting for Flash, programmers voting for programming, and executives voting for business-sense, more or less, I said I would […]

Three blog posts I haven’t had the time to write yet

These are not un-busy times. Without further explanation or caveat, here are a few things kicking around in my head, if not necessarily in pixels just yet: What Are You Reporting On?: An explanation of the idea and how the Twitter ID, the Facebook group, the blog, the Knight News Challenge grant application, and […]

I don’t care what journalists are reading; I care what they’re writing

Scott Karp and friends (and those are some pretty smart friends) are up to something interesting, but I sure as heck can’t tell what it is based on a rambling post at the new It sounds like something that’s supposed to clean up all the doubling and overlapping of social networks the media blogger […]

The journalism program we’ve all been waiting for

The Knight Foundation handed out some money today, notably to Henry Jenkins and company at MIT and Mr. Holovaty, who is getting plenty of press for his jump from WaPo to startup. But just a little lower on the list, you’ll find the future in the form of a grant to the Medill J-School at […]