Poynter Best Practices 2009: Finding great journalism online

The folks at Poynter asked me to talk about where I find great journalism online. My definition of journalism is pretty broad, but many of these sources, resources, and tools should be familiar to many of you.

Recommended reading

  • Gangrey: A blog compiling the best narrative and long-form journalism.
  • Kottke: Jason Kottke, a full-time blogger, has been doing this since before you ever heard the word “blog” said out loud. Jason’s steady stream of links to top-shelf content is peppered with stories from the New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, and obscure-but-elegant photography installations and documentary video pieces.
  • TimesPeople: Use the TimesPeople toolbar to find interesting New York Times stories recommended by your friends.

Tools, tips, tutorials

  • 10,000 Words: If you don’t already follow Mark Luckie’s blog, now’s the time. An unending flow of lists and resources for every online journalist.
  • Teaching Online Journalism: Mindy McAdams quite literally has written the book on Flash for Journalists. Her blog covers much more than that, often including detailed tutorials and PDF guides to software and online tools for multimedia production.

Community and conversation

  • Wired Journalists: I founded this social network for journalists along with Howard Owens and Zac Echola in January 2008. Now run by Publish2, its 3,000+ journalist members ask and answer questions about multimedia editing choices, gear recommendations, community management, comment moderation, and anything else that touches the work we do every day as online journalists.
  • BeatBlogging: It’s been winding down lately, but in the BeatBlogging archives you’ll find batches of interviews with some of the best journalists at driving conversation within their beat, online and off.

Keeping up

  • Google Reader: This is how I keep up with hundreds of RSS feeds. They’re from blogs, search feeds, and news sources.googlereader1103
  • Tweetie for Mac: Any Twitter client will do, but this one is my favorite of the moment. I recommend TweetDeck if you’re on a Windows machine.tweetieformac1103

Share links and show your work

  • Publish2: I work at Publish2, where we’ve built a suite of tools to help journalists bring the best of the Web to their readers.

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