Other Writing


Summer 2006

I appear to be working at a newspaper interned at the regional desk of ANG Newspapers at the Oakland Tribune last summer. My stories have drifted behind the paywall for the most part.

Spring 2006

To check out the reporting I’m doing for the Spartan Daily, check out the page on the Web site that lists all the stories I’ve done so far.

I’ve also done a little B2B stuff, like this, for instance. And this.

Fall 2005

  • I promise, I’ll get around to posting a few stories here soon.

Spring 2005

Essays & Critiques

Summer 2005

  • Ethics and Global Marketing in Venezuela, an essay written for an Anthropology class. I’ve done my best to keep this paper as balanced as possible, trying to show how the current political culture in Venezuela has defined how the nation interacts with American corporations in certain cases. I do not intend to pass any judgment on Hugo Chavez. This was part of a group project in which we each wrote our own papers on the issue of Ethics and Global Marketing in a country of our choice, all addressing the topics of the Western diet, cigarette smoking, and safe sex.

Spring 2005

Old Stuff

  • Dizzy Gillespie and I crossed paths once. I wrote this essay in my Freshman writing class at NYU in 1994.

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