How’s that whole melting MacBook thing going?

A lazyweb inquiry:

Does the current run of MacBooks (not the Pros) still have any sort of serious overheating problem?


We’re pretty close to replacing a certain laptop in our stable (not mine) and the question keeps coming up.

So what’s the deal? Did this problem every get solved? Do we have months of scorched desks in our future?

(Yes, I’m aware of the rumor that the new new hotness with the touching and whatnot might be built into the MacBook come October. Waiting for that isn’t really an option at this point.) 

3 thoughts on “How’s that whole melting MacBook thing going?”

  1. I bought one last August and man, this thing heats up. It’s just one part, back left near the power cable, but it’s hot enough that I don’t like touching it (much less resting it on my knee) when it reaches peak temperature. This worries me a bit.

    This does actually come in handy between November and February, when we start to get winds blowing down from Siberia around here and I can use the laptop to get the feeling back in my fingers.

    Otherwise, I recommend the MacBook 100%.


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