Reporters Without Borders Publishes How-To For Dissident Bloggers

Reporters Without Borders has published the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents.

It’s available for download in English, French, Chinese, Arabic and Persian.

The handbook is designed to encourage free speech online, regardless of what your local laws might have to say about it. There are tips on maintaining your privacy, blogging anonymously, and, perhaps most important, how to evade technological gatekeepers.

Rebecca MacKinnon of Global Voices:

“It is the first truly useful book I’ve seen aimed at the kinds of bloggers featured here at Global Voices every day: People who have views and information that they want to share with the world beyond their own national borders. They are often people whose perspectives are not well represented in their own country’s media, and certainly not well reported by the international media. Sometimes they are political dissidents, but usually not. Mainly, they are just ordinary citizens with a passion to communicate with the world – and no easier way to do so than by writing, podcasting, and posting pictures on their own blogs.”

In the Ethics section, Dan Gillmor lays out the five “pillars of good journalism:”

  • thoroughness
  • accuracy
  • fairness
  • transparency
  • independence

Sounds good to me. How many of those did you check off your list today?

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