Grade Revisions: Cutting Down My A-List

Things have been a bit busy around here for a few weeks, with two short Summer classes happily eating up most of my day, and never enough reading time at night. So I’ve been cutting down on my “Everyday Reading” of blogs, and tonight it’s time to trim the “A-List” category in my aggregator.

Yeah, I know, they’re not special, there is no A-List, we’re all equal in the blogosphere… but “A” comes first in the alphabet, kids, and my categories are alphabetized.

So let’s see who makes the cut:

Sorry, Hugh, but you get sent off to the Business category. You too, Rubel. Rebecca MacKinnon goes back to the International section, but what to do with Weinberger, Lessig, and Chris Anderson? File under Technology? Or is it time to start a Theory category again? Sure.

My taxonomical goal is to use the same short list of categories for everything: Firefox bookmarks, Scrapbook folders, Bloglines categories, and categories on this blog.

This, of course, goes against everything I’ve been hearing about tagging and categories. So why do I stubbornly pack all these feeds into one little generalized bag? When I had everything divided up, it became impossible to rationalize why Romenesko was filed under Media Criticism, but not Media, or Journalism Theory, but not News…

…or maybe I should just switch to Rojo? I’m not sure that lets me categorize feeds with multiple tags either.

Now where was I going to put Steve Gillmor? Technology? Theory? Maybe I should just keep paying Attention to what he has to say…

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