World Photo Day

World Photo Day ended at 5pm Pacific (midnight GMT), but you can still upload an image you captured anytime on June 1st.

I pocketed my digital Point & Shoot on the way to the Santa Cruz Farmers’ Market (I fully believe that apostrophe belongs there) and grabbed a few images. I ended up posting this one to the World Photo Day site:
Santa Cruz Farmers' Market
The mandarins are long gone, and these guys were pushing Valencias. If we had a juicer, I’d be down – but the knife and fork method doesn’t do it for me, so we’ll stick with Blood Oranges from New Leaf for now.

I also took this photo of what I can only describe as the third-string balloon twister in this town:
Third String Santa Cruz Balloon Twister

Check out the World Photo Day site, and try the Search button out to see what people from your neck of the woods posted.

2 thoughts on “World Photo Day”

  1. Thanks Dennis – the most exciting thing about it was the deadline – I left the house around 330pm to do the actual vegetable shopping at the market, took seven shots while I was there, stopped at New Leaf for a few more things, then raced home to transfer the shots, edit, and upload by around 430pm. It was only later in the evening that I noticed the *upload* deadline was a day later. Heh. Oh.


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